The MHA anime prepares us for Yaorozu’s plan Atomics




Its new season My Hero Academia He never ceases to amaze all his fans. Although for a moment everything seems to indicate that the conflict between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front is about to end with the victory of the world’s defenders, the situation takes a turn for the worse when Shigaraki wakes up and Now it’s the turn of the 1-A students to get into action, and that includes their class president, Momo Yaorozu.

Thanks to Shigaraki’s awakening, his guardian Gigantomachia has sprung into action, and his mission is to reach Zaku City by destroying everything in his path. Although Midnight and Mount Lady try their best to stop this beast, their efforts are not enough and Now it all falls on Yaorozu and the rest of his class.

Although the heroine doesn’t know how to react to this situation, once she hears Midnight, Yaurozu gets to work, and begins to formulate a plan to stop Gigantomachia. In the last moments of anime chapter 120. Although those who have already read the manga know how it will end, it will be interesting to see these facts adapted.

In related matters, My Hero Academia To us the coder reveals its true power. Likewise, this is the darkest scene in the manga so far.


Editor’s note:

As a fan of the manga, I can’t wait to see Yaorozu’s plan come to fruition in Red Riot. This is one of the best moments of this arc, and TOHO did a great job on this adaptation, so this scene will definitely be one of the best of the season.

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