The most expensive iPhone to date is officially nowhere to be found You won’t find it in Apple stores



There is a specific model of iPhone that you can even have at home and it costs thousands of dollars. An example recently sold for a record price, to the delight of the previous owner

A few weeks ago, Apple officially unveiled the new ones iPhone 14. There are 4 models in the line-up, with the Mini being dropped to make room for the top version of the standard model. Several innovations have been introduced by the Cupertino OEM, but the notch abandonment is undoubtedly the standout To make room for a dynamic island.

Hidden iPhone (Web Source)
Hidden iPhone (Web Source)

However previous model Launched by the same California company. From the iPhone 13 to the 12, 11 and X series. And then we enter the world of collectibles, with some variants released in recent years that – for one reason or another – continue to be a great success. There is a model that you can have at home and that too Thousands of euros worth. Guaranteed to profit!

iPhone sold in gold, what model is this?

i i l Collection world It has never achieved greater success. Also resulting in an explosion of notice boards and dedicated sites, to the delight of those who want to pick up historical pieces to keep at home. Telephony is also benefiting from this phenomenon and iPhones in particular. Older models, if kept in perfect condition, can be worth thousands of euros. It just happened a few days ago, to someone Version launched in 2007 Still canned which was literally snapped up.

iPhone 20221018
The record figure is 40,000 euros (Adobe Stock).

The final image? we will be 40.000 euros! This factory sealed early version is in exceptional condition. Virtually flawless along surfaces and edges, factory seal clean with correct stitching and sealing details. The back labels are properly inactive under the seal. All original – no aftermarket stickers or UPC labels Brand new, never activated” read Official note.

So a practically new iPhone that has never been activated before. A piece of history Not to be missed for collectors. And given the price that the buyer is willing to pay, we can say that this is one of the most desirable cult objects. If you have one at home, the advice is to think about a sale. You can earn a lot.


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