The New God of War: Ragnarok mod introduces us to a beardless Kratos




Even though he left a week ago, God of War: Ragnarok All video game fans continue to be in the spotlight, as many embark on new adventures play station. While there are some who have given it a lot of thought to start working on mods for the protagonist of the story, Kratos.

known as a mode Specilizer Did something pretty interesting with the god of war, as in a new video he posted of what he looks like without the beard, the scary part has disappeared. They put him in different situations, something that draws attention and the truth is, it’s an aspect that fans may take time to get used to.

Here you can check it:

Something that should be taken into account is that Kratos never had a beard in his early games, so we can say that the Santa Monica studio character is returning to his origins. However, due to the age of a rude but responsible father, it’s a bit uncomfortable to see him without a beard, especially since he’s already had it for four years.

Note that the game is available PS4 y PS5.

In related news god of war, Fans recently became aware of a rather interesting reference in the title, as it can be directly linked to failure PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale. If you want to know more about it, we invite you to click on the following link.

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Editor’s note: Mods aren’t surprising at all in this industry, what’s really weird is the way console games dump to make mods. After all, it hasn’t been released on PC yet.


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