The new Soulslike features Octopath Traveler style pixel art



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Corporations are dual. It looks so good you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a Square Enix RPG. But it was actually created by some independent developers who decided to create Soulslike from retro pixel art. And the effect is incredible.

Dual Corporation It is reminiscent of an action RPG game Octopus Traveller It can be played in single player and co-op mode. His Discord server description is an unrestricted class system where classes and weapons can be customized to the player’s liking. According to the game programmer Company conflicts– inspired aesthetics Octopus TravellerBut is inspired by the gameplay Dark Souls 3 And Blade Warband. Although the world is systematically (somewhat randomly) generated, the overall structure will be close Dark Souls 3.

The developers said: “We are trying to influence the generation in such a way that it is not just a randomly generated map, each region has its own characteristics.” my box. “Even the combat behavior of equipment and opponents is procedurally generated. This means that opponents always behave the same depending on their appearance. This allows the player to learn what is important to the combat system and is different in each game.”

“Our design goal is to make the gameplay more challenging, dynamic and slow-paced, with less focus on the story,” the official Discord account reads. But don’t worry if you like the short story of Soulslike. The game will feature NPCs, quests, and a dialogue system.

The developers have promised many combat options. The Steam page says that players will have access to “70 different talents, over 100 unique abilities”. [and] spells, six different classes, [and] More than 20 unlockable options. Dual Corporation This will allow players to customize the accompanying AI to give them more flexibility in combat.

Dual Corporation It will enter closed alpha in 2022 and be available steam. Early access will be available by 2023.


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