The new Thai event – Rise of Cultures in Pixel goes back to the 16th century.


Rise of Culture, the hugely popular city building game from InnoGames, is based on the actual historical development of ancient civilizations. With the new event, we are introduced to a queen who fought on a war elephant and gave her life for her king. Suryothai, queen and wife of King Maha Chakrafat of Siam, needs the help of Rise of Culture players on her journey through the beautiful land known as Thailand. The event runs from September 19 to October 10 this year.

Players must complete tasks given by Suryathai in order to advance. Completing tasks awards Flower Coins, a special event currency that can be used to light lanterns for research points, puzzle pieces, customization, a commander, or refills.

Lighted lanterns offer a chance to win a daily prize From Thai adjustments to buildings that can significantly improve production for a limited time, to the arrival of Queen Suryothai on the battlefield as a temporary mercenary commander with extremely powerful healing powers.

When players light 30 lanterns, they will receive the grand prize: an evolution token for the Shrine of Contemplation. These tokens are used to generate the best reward in the Thailand event: Temple of Meditation. This unique building contains three mystery chests filled with food, a random puzzle piece, and items from the current and previous eras.

InnoGames always produces innovative events, and this exciting 16th Century event is no exception. Here, for example, the lack of luck in winning daily prizes is compensated for, guaranteeing that every player will get one of the daily prizes sooner or later. With so many new quests, players have a lot to do and get to know another icon among Asian rulers.

More information about the event can be found in this video:

Rise of Cultures is free to play and available on mobile devices for Android and iOS.

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