The next generation versions of Red Dead Redemption 2 will be discarded


Last year Rockstar Games There was a somewhat unfortunate trend, since the reprinted collection of story titles GTA It was a disaster in terms of quality and sales. On their part, many fans are annoyed by the latest message that directly focuses on implying that they will stop supporting Red Dead Online.

It was even mentioned that the company had canceled two new ports in its title, one GTA IV y One of the first installments RDR, Which probably includes DLC content. And now, a new rumor mentions that a next gen version RDR2 As well as being discarded, all of their expected efforts focus GTA VI.

In fact, many expected these newer versions, since last-generation consoles sometimes had this large-scale title as a flaw for everything they claimed. Added to this is the fact that it requires two disks, one for installation and the other to be able to run the game due to the size of the devices it started. 2013.

For now, Rockstar Games He didn’t come to deny or confirm anything about it, the only sure thing is his next project, which would be to take the next leap in making sandbox games. There have been many rumors around him, but nothing will come true until we see a trailer that dispels any doubts.

Of these, GTA Five There are newer versions for PS5 y Xbox Series X / S.

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