The Nintendo Switch barely beats the Xbox One in this area




Since its launch 2017, Nintendo Switch It became a bestseller, as the idea of ​​having a console that could be played on a television and then taken on a trip was something innovative. It outperforms big-name consoles like it play station 4 y xbox one, This is global.

However, it seems that it was not the most popular in some regions, as the hybrid was said to be rarely beaten. Microsoft inside UKSomething that many did not see coming. This information was given by the chief Dr, Christopher urgesReferring to the numbers that counted and we can say that he already passed it in units.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch has overtaken the Xbox One in terms of total UK sales. Next in his sights is the PS3.

That is also mentioned Nintendo Never was one of the preferred companies EuropeThat place is generally taken sonySo it was the logical step switch was in a lower position. And it finally took five years mario and company standing the master chiefWhich may be odd, given that Xbox one It never sold that much in its useful life.

Here’s my own theory urges:

There are many theories about this. Years and years the games were made very late. The fact that so many Xbox and PS games are made in the UK. It’s a small country, so portable gaming isn’t that big. It is a competitive market with 3 major platforms selling off.

Remember that Nintendo Switch There are still three console models on the market.

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