The official premiere month for The Ancient Magus Bride season 2 has been confirmed


Although not much is said about him, Ancient Magus Bride done a Anime Quite popular, which created an audience for the publication of the manga and the first season of the animated series. And after this moderate success, it was confirmed that the second season is already on the way, it even has a specific release month.

Through the anime’s official website, as well as its social networks, particularly Twitter, it was announced that there would be a next wave of animated episodes of the work in March. 2023. A specific month is not mentioned, but it is said that it will be in the first few days, in addition, shortly before the premiere, the calendar number will be announced.

Animation Television ” #The Ancient Magus’ Bride SEASON2″

As of April 2023.

Broadcast decision on TOKYO MX and BS11

Broadcast TV on Prime Video and Hikari TV is scheduled to be delivered on the same day.

This is the official summary Ancient Magus Bride:

Hatari Chise has lived a life full of neglect and abuse, nothing like love. Away from the warmth of family, he has his share of hardships and losses. Just when all hope is lost, a fateful encounter awaits. When a beast-headed man with strange powers acquires him through a slave auction, Chise’s life will never be the same. The man is a “wizard”, a wizard of great power, who decides to free Chise from captivity. The magician then makes a bold statement: Chise will be his apprentice – and his bride!

Available at Crunchyroll.

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