The Paris Hilton is celebrating Halloween with this Sailor Moon cosplay




Today we celebrate Halloween, a day where horror shows, movies and video games are the order of the day, including the famous parties where people dress up. It ranges from famous monsters from Halloween who take the form of famous characters from popular culture, including anime.

Popular as part of the celebration Paris Hilton He is a fan of it sailor moonSo he accepted the role serena, shared some pictures of how he looks in the suit. Added to that in his publication he added some anime images to compare and see subtle differences.

Here are some photos:

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Currently, some chapters are available from sailor moon on its platform NetflixThese include some movies that may be of interest to newcomers to the franchise. However, it is expected that more content will be added in the future, so that this streaming platform has all the content of the story in one place.

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Publisher’s Note: It’s surprising to know that such popular people in the world have anime series in their tastes, yet it’s interesting that this kind of cosplay reaches people who don’t know the brand.


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