The Pixel 6a fingerprint sensor works faster than the 6 Pro [Video]


Medium Malaysian businessmanThere are at least two Pixel 6a devices before next month’s launch. A few new videos over the past few days give more details of the Pixel 6a with a look at how good the fingerprint sensor is.

Before you watch, it’s important to remember that Pixel 6a does not run readymade software. We learned earlier that this unit exists April security patch. 1 update a day must bring back all the corrections and improvements made in the last three months

With that in mind, Fazli Halim’s first video on YouTube features Pixel 6a vs 6 Pro. Google said earlier that 6a uses a file Separate fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen Compared to last year’s flagship pixel line.

The average ranger grows fast – The video below will be lined up until 4:55 p.m. – When you recognize your finger with seemingly low contact. From the quick thumbs up we can see the 6a is unlocking more than the 6 Pro. This is a good indication for new devices and will hopefully be used by Google in the future, as “somewhat chronic” is a common problem faced by current owners.

Izami Gadget’s YouTube account Camera comparison Between the Pixel 6a and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. While it’s not really fair to meet a flagship for a mid-range phone, Google will certainly work to adjust more cameras before launch. This may explain why the Pixel 6a got too hot to record after four minutes of video and another four minutes of photos.

The device gets too hot. Turn off the camera until the device cools down.

The metal frame should be particularly warm. Meanwhile, a shot (shown in the cover photo above) shows the annoying dust gathering under the camera strip.

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