The Pixel 6a is now getting the September update



With a slight delay, the current Pixel 6a also gets its September update. Google delayed the update because, unlike other Pixel phones, it still had to be reworked a bit. It was about the fingerprint sensor, which hasn’t been completely flawless since the Pixel 6a launched.

The only point about improving biometrics is only valid for the Pixel 6a, all other points in the September changelog apply to other Android phones as well.

to charge the battery

  • Fixed an issue causing occasional battery drain from certain launcher background activities
  • Fixed an issue where wireless charging mode could not be enabled under certain conditions.

Biometric data

  • Additional improvements to fingerprint recognition and responsiveness in certain conditions.


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused certain Bluetooth devices or accessories to not be able to connect.

User interface

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused notifications to appear truncated on the lock screen.

Google has new patch now Once released, it will be available on your Pixel 6a in the coming hours and days.

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