The Pixel 7 has been criticized for these disadvantages: but are these the real problems?



It’s significantly quieter than its predecessors around the same time in the Pixel 7 series. Still, the new models aren’t without problems. Although I can honestly say that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro perform very well in my day-to-day life and don’t have any serious flaws. But it is different for other colleagues.

For one, says Joe By DigitalTrendsThat he sees fundamental weakness. The fingerprint sensor is still too slow for it, the battery life is too short and it has annoying software bugs Incorrectly scaled quick settings, YouTube videos with no visible images, and more. He says that his trial period was “a difficult experience”.

Pixel 7 smartphones launch much smoother than their predecessors

However, the software has a few bugs that other people also experience. It was relatively widely discussed that there are clear issues for many users when scrolling through various apps. Some complain Camera autofocusThere are even a few Reboot more frequently.

The question arises whether these are real problems or rare exceptions. And is this Google’s usual weakness that hasn’t been ironed out in years? I don’t want to complain about Google Phone, and I only do so when there are legitimate flaws. In any case, I don’t see the current one in the software at this time.

There is only one software bug, which exists for the second year in a row

One thing from the Pixel 6 that bothered me: It’s again the case that the Pro model’s camera almost always starts up smoothly and is ready to use immediately. With the Pixel 7, like the Pixel 6, I have a lot of jerky starts and a delayed shutter release when I need to take a quick photo. I don’t see what could be causing this.

What I’ve also noticed and I’m not alone are the rare moments when waking up with a tap gesture doesn’t work. Then I have to use the power button to wake up the Pixel 7 Pro.

Just a few days after this post, the first new monthly update is coming and of course some bug fixes are already included.

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