The Pixel 7 Pro gets a used look a bit faster: “like a good leather jacket”



Not only has Google differentiated its Pixel 7 smartphones by color, the housing frame is also different. The glossy or polished version of the Pixel 7 Pro isn’t necessarily very durable.

not just me It’s like the highly polished parts of the camera have the first small scratches after a few days. In my daily life, the phone has so far only come into contact with tables, hands and trouser pockets. Nevertheless, the first scratches appear.

Pixel 7 Pro: Polished metal happily accepts every scratch

This is unlike the Pixel 7, where the housing frame is matte. This means that the material appears to be significantly less sensitive, at least visually recognizable to our eyes. Too bad, because in a few months the Pixel 7 Pro will definitely look worse than it does today.

Pixel 7 Pro Scratch

Even with its predecessors, the polished frame doesn’t look as good to me anymore due to the thousands of hairline scratches, while the Pixel 6’s matte frame still looks like new. Too bad that Google repeated this “mistake”.

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