The PlayStation 5 has outsold the Switch in Japan




On an almost monthly basis, console sales figures are released in many countries, but Japan is the country that is most open about specific numbers. And after a long time in the market it is clear Nintendo switch He remained the leader, but it seemed his reign would have come to an end.

On this occasion that is the house of the console mario was surpassed by none other than PlayStation 5, last week it covers October 24 to 30. According to its report FamitsuLarge N total sales 38,634 units. Given this, the console sony Narrowly beat the numbers with a few 38,866 consoles sale

It’s worth commenting that the Japanese public has been a bit more determined to buy consoles these months play station, this may be partly due to news of price hikes. And as crazy as it sounds, the Land of the Rising Sun is one of the victims, even if the company originates from such a large region.

Something that should also be taken into account is that this is going to happen at some point, since Nintendo switch It has been in the electronic entertainment device market for more than five years. as PS5It’s been almost two years, so there’s still plenty of time to keep selling millions and beating others.

Remember that for now PS5 This has not reflected the price increase, so this would be a good time to buy a console.

Through: Famitsu


Publisher’s Note: Over time we’ll continue to see how the PS5 beats the Switch week after week. That may change later though, especially if Nintendo launches a successor in the coming years.


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