The PlayStation Exclusive was offered on Xbox in 2014



An exclusive PlayStation we’ve already heard about some time ago. In fact, just on the Xbox, it was proposed in 2014

Everyone is aware that today Especially the brand Related to PlayStation, Something that brings them together, especially when it comes to video games. In fact, it can be said that there are some titles that are inspired by the iconic characters in the world of comics. And those that are used on different consoles, thus avoiding a real exclusive look for PlayStation.

After the Xbox in 2014, it became the PlayStation Exclusive
After Xbox in 2014 it became PlayStation Exclusive (source PlayStation / Xbox)

It has been possible in the last term Find a detail Very important, news that will make everyone speechless. Former vice-president of the department Marvel Games, J. WongShare a specific reading in the book Video Game Final History Volume 2. It is on this occasion that he also spoke of one Collaboration denied by MicrosoftWhatever happened in 2014 Control developers plan to control the superhero game.

First on the Xbox in 2014, now in the hands of the exclusive PlayStation

Have you seen Revolution in the world of playing cards with Marvel Snap? In 2014 Microsoft Rejected the world and stopped its cooperation Marvel. Indeed, at the time Verdecrosiata House ruled out any possibility of having plans and projects with the world of superheroes. Jay Wong writes that he had work in the past Find out why Which puts pressure on Marvel video games to not be as successful as movies So they needed a partner who had high hopes for a licensed title. That they may even invest in a real creation in the years to come Suffrage.

After the Xbox in 2014, it became the PlayStation Exclusive
After the Xbox in 2014 it became the PlayStation Exclusive (source Marvel)

“We’ve identified three companies but one of them, Nintendo, was only dealing with internal intellectual property at the time. So I talked to Microsoft and Sony and it would seem strange to you, but Microsoft refused to work with us because they had their IPs.” Focused on birth and growth “. And here it is Marvel’s Spider-Man One of the video games that is currently earning Massive success. In fact, it seems that the developers are also working Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 e Marvel’s Wolverine2 games that will continue the task in this fantastic saga.

And so in the summer of 2014, more precisely, was approached by Sony Vice President of Marvel Games. To set up an agreement to meet the request of the NGO. The goal was to create an exclusive PlayStation with its own protagonist Spiders are human. And we know, as it were, that today they have succeeded.


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