The PlayStation executive noted that PS Plus will serve to give games a life cycle


In recent days the inclusion of premier games PS Plus Still latent, and play station He goes on to reply that they don’t see a future in making that kind of decision, because they want to spend some time doing it. And now, Head of the Indies Department, Shuhei Yoshida He talked about how publishers should use the service to manage game lifecycles.

In an interview with Dr GI Live: London, Yoshida Talked about the method sony For a subscription service, reiterates that the company still believes in launching a premium title on its way. But with a different approach.

As he noted:

The new PS Plus has tiers and it’s basically like the old PS Plus, we still release two or three new games every month and a new tier, extra, has a catalog of hundreds of games for people to play.

Additionally, our approach is that we want to help publishers manage the lifecycle. I was running first-party on PlayStation, so I know it’s like movies: a movie comes out in theaters first, then it goes to pay-per-view, or subscription services, or free TV, each time generating new revenue and a wider audience. reach

Likewise, we believe in launching a premium title at launch and maybe six months, three months or three years later, when game sales slow down, the inclusion of this service, PS Plus Extra, can help. Audience Some people may miss these games when they come out and it’s a great opportunity to play and build word of mouth or if there’s DLC or a sequel in the works we can help raise interest in the franchise to a wider audience.

We therefore encourage publishers to use these services to manage the lifecycle of each title.

Despite all this, the decision not to include major titles as premieres is not changing.

Through: Eurogamer


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