The Power of Airtag: Apple Tracker Helps Police Track and Capture a Robbery Suspect



AirTag is again the protagonist of an eventful story but with a predictable outcome, even in the face of some coincidence. Police have used the potential of Apple’s economic tracker to catch the Portland robber, now charged with second-degree robbery and first-degree theft.

This is not the first time Airtag Win the general attention for them. “Superpower“I am Cheap tracker from Apple Its abuse and the presence of problems have ended up at the center of some controversy stalking Which forced the American giant to run for cover and refine the features of a product designed to identify objects across the wider ecosystem. “Where“From Apple.

Airtag Repina
AirTags detects Portland robbers (AdobeStock)

Instead of objects, Airtag This time they managed a track down Portland robbers, In the United States, proving that technology can indeed serve people and improve the lives of each of us when used properly and without abuse. But let’s go in order.

As told by AppleInsiderOn Thursday, a 39-year-old man – later identified by police as Justin Johnston – broke into a store on Block 100 in northwestern Broadway, Portland, with the intent to rob. Equipped with a gun (which eventually turned out to be fake), the man headed for Crate and found The goal of the weapon Due to lack of money, a staff member persuaded him to hand over the victim’s smartphone and wallet.

AirTags Detects Robbers: All the Faults in That Backpack of the Hotel

Airtag Repina
Police use AirTag to track robbers (AdobeStock)

Johnston then a fade Hotel And this is where he betrayed himself. There is a 39-year-old Stealing a backpack From a hotel room, on which a Airtag. The owner later explained to police – who were already pursuing the robber – that anyone had entered his hotel room and stolen some personal belongings, including a backpack with a bag. Airtag.

The rest is as easy to understand as history. The police then took advantage of that possibility Cheap tracker from Apple To identify the location of the one whose race was interrupted on the same day in “that” in North Portland. Johnston is now charged with speeding second-degree and first-degree theft.


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