The president of the company that owns FromSoftware has been accused of taking bribes


Company known as Kadokawa Owns multiple video game developers, but no one else makes most of its revenue from the software. And now, it will engage in a certain debate, since its president called Suguhiko He was reportedly arrested last month on bribery charges.

In particular, he is accused of bribing a member of the organizing committee Tokyo Olympics including 69 million yen ($476,000). Although it is not known if it is something related to competitors or some other reason. Given this, the company itself has issued a statement which you can read below:

Kadokawa Corporation announced that board chairman Suguhiko Kadokawa, who was arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes on September 14, 2022, was indicted today by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office.

We take this matter very seriously and sincerely apologize to all concerned for the considerable inconvenience this matter has caused to our readers, customers, authors, creators, business partners, shareholders and investors.

Furthermore, in its statement SuguhikoEach intention to resign has:

Today, I have decided to step down as president of Kadokawa. Recently, not only myself, but two other Kadokawa employees have been arrested and prosecuted in a corruption scandal involving the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

I think it is necessary to take responsibility. This event is a big test for Kadokawa, and I think he needs a new framework to get through it.

It’s worth saying Kadokawa Corporation Owns just under 70% of the shares from the software.

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