The price of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 may be much higher than expected


Bad news for anyone interested in buying Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 5. It seems that the price will go up from the previous generation smart watch

This is one of the most talked about products of the last few weeks. Samsung is preparing to launch the new one Galaxy Watch 5, Smart watches that promise a lot of improvement compared to previous generations. New rumors and indiscretions have continued to appear on this subject, both Technical details How much? Design Of goods.

There are new rumors about the launch price of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 (Adobe Stock)

Among the latest news to emerge, there is one that will not please users interested in buying. As stated by expert Roland Quantum, in reality it seems that Samsung is making an assessment Significant increase in price Launch compared to Galaxy Watch 4.

Galaxy Watch 5, here’s what the launch price might be

Galaxy Watch 5 20220624
According to what we read, the South Korean company is considering opting for a price increase compared to the previous generation (Adobe stock).

According to Roland Quandt, a reliant on OnLeaks, it looks like Samsung has decided to raise the price of the new launch. Galaxy Watch 5. Version from 40mm Bluetooth For a while, it will come at a price of 300 euros LTE It goes up to 350 euros. For 44mm console Bluetooth The cost should be 350 euros, with LTE 400 euros.

Finally Version Pro, Only available in 45mm size. In this case we are talking about 490 euros for the variant only Bluetooth And 540 euros for it LTE. According to the latest rumors, the Pro will be available for purchase in black and titanium colors. For the 40mm Watch5 we are talking about Rose Gold, Gray and Silver, while the 44mm Watch is Blue, Gray and Silver.

Increased prices involved They are quite important Especially when compared to previous generation models. Samsung’s idea was to focus on the quality of the materials and above all Battery longevity, With more layer material and so more expensive. We will see if this strategy pays off or if consumers decide to move to another product.

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