The problem with Google: Here’s the long-awaited solution, it takes very little



Many users are reporting a very serious problem related to their Google devices. But there is a very simple and quick solution, just a few steps and everything will be solved forever

ecosystem Google Constantly expanding, to the delight of users. With a simple account, you can access a series of increasingly useful and comprehensive services just think search engine, but one Google Maps, Drive, Documents And much more. But Mountain View’s work doesn’t stop there, on the contrary.

Play Store 20221029
Google is having trouble with a specific service. But there is a simple solution to fix everything in seconds (unflash).

Undoubtedly a benchmark of the company Android, its smartphone operating system. And with it play store, a virtually infinite showcase of apps – both free and paid – where you can download whatever you need. However, there are problems and glitches, as one has reported several times in the past week. But luckily there is a quick and easy solution, To fix everything in a second.

How to fix the latest heavy Google issue

Play Store 20221029
By following all steps, play store will work as new again and you will be able to download all apps (unsplash)

If you own one Device Android And you recently tried to download an app Google Play Store, you have noticed a major problem that – in fact – makes it impossible to use the service “Your device is not compatible with this version“The error message that pops up. A real plague for users, who feel disabled Download any app inside your device.

Obviously with a smartphone that’s very dated and hasn’t been updated in a while, perhaps the caveat is true: you might have to buy one. New phone. But for those who recently bought their phones, they should be able to download their favorite apps from the Play Store.

However, there is one The highly anticipated solution, Apply useful and above all fast. You can try it now and then see if you can finally download the selected software. We recommend you all first Clear Google Play Store cacheAnd then and give. right now, Restart the App Store And try again to search for the app and download it. If everything goes as planned, within seconds you will be able to fix the problem and you will be back to downloading any kind of application without any errors.


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