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Since its release, fans have been waiting for possible related information PS5 Slim. While we’ve seen a few models over the past year that shed the console’s weight, a new report suggests that This hardware revision will be available next yearBut it will be very different from its last generation counterpart.

According to Leak e Insider Gaming, Sony plans to launch the PS5 Slim at the end of next year. The biggest difference is that This model will have a disc reader that can be detached. Its purpose is not only to reduce the weight of the console, which will reduce the cost of distribution and production, but also to replace the conventional model.

Reports indicate that the regular PS5 will end its production in October next year, with the last units available from November 2023. For its part, The slim model will go into production in April 2023 and hit stores in September of next year. In addition, there will also be disc players for sale that can be attached to this console, giving the user the opportunity to essentially keep the digital version or “upgrade” the hardware.

All of this is aimed at reducing the weight and size of the console and thus saving on shipping costs, but Also to save production cost. Of the 30 million units that Sony expects to sell next fiscal year, 18.5 are expected to be new models.

usually, There is no official information from Sony at the moment. On a related note, the price increase hasn’t affected the PS5’s sales. Likewise, the PS5 was the best-selling console in September.


Editor’s note:

While the possibility of seeing a PS5 Slim next year can’t be ruled out, the idea that it has a detachable disc reader and the current model has been discontinued seems far-fetched. I don’t doubt that it was possibly considered, but I don’t think they will ever happen.

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