The Queen’s Gambit Production Design – Newsshooter


On the latest Go Creative Show podcast, The Queen’s Gambit production designer Uli Hanisch chats to host Ben Consoli about how he designed the show by recreating the 1960’s with meticulously-constructed and stunningly-beautiful sets, wardrobe, props, and more. 

Uli and Ben discuss the fundamentals for prepping as a production designer, and how Uli made chess visually interesting, creating the most iconic sets of the series, the important role of color, and more.

You can listen to the full episode above.

Topics covered:

  • Why 1960s design is so influential (00:54)
  • Basics of prepping for production design (03:23)
  • Critical role of a production designer (11:03)
  • Being tasked with making chess visually interesting (19:07)
  • Designing Alma Wheatley’s home (24:54)
  • How Beth transforms Alma’s house (35:45)
  • Designing unique looks for each hotel (39:22)
  • Uli’s favorite set he designed (44:28)
  • How color plays an important role in production design (46:17)