The Razer PS5 controller promises unparalleled convenience




Compatibility between today’s consoles and pc Much more so, since their controls are usually activated by connecting them using their respective cables USB. and now, Razor presented Wolverine V2 Prowhich is officially licensed play station And it can clearly be connected to its fifth console sony.

Description of this control:

Razer™ HyperSpeed ​​uses our 2.4 GHz low-latency wireless technology found in Razer gaming peripherals. Provides lag-free wireless performance while gaming.

Hold an unparalleled advantage in both hands with the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro, a high-performance wireless controller officially licensed by PlayStation™. Equipped with Razer™ hyperspeed wireless and cutting-edge features for top-level competitive gaming, it’s time to reclaim your dominance on PS5™ and PC.

The Razer Wolverine V2 Pro is a controller focused on competitive gaming. Rumble is not a feature that is often used in competitive settings, as it can negatively affect accuracy when playing games that require more precise directional input.

For its part, it will cost approximately 300 USD This is despite not having important functions like the vibration function.

Through: Razor



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