The Russo brothers reveal their dream project in the MCU




It is already known that the two most important directors are UCM they are brothers RousseauFilmmakers who gave life to productions such as Captain America: Civil Waras well as Avengers: Infinity War y end game. And now, it looks like the creatives are ready to return to superheroes with a big comic book event.

Through an interview with Last date The pair revealed that secret war Actually the project Marvel Of his dreams, although this is not a confirmation that it is currently in production. Previously, rumors of an adaptation have been mentioned, and it’s possible that they’ll say something about it in the next episode of Phase 5.

Here is their statement:

Our love for Marvel is based on the comics we read as kids, the comics we fell in love with. The only series we loved growing up was Secret Wars.


They even mentioned how they think it will look on screen:

He is incredibly ambitious. It will be bigger than Infinity War and Endgame. But it is a huge responsibility. These two films were very difficult to make. So how do we imagine making two movies bigger than those two? We’re going to have to think about that.

An adaptation has been rumored The Secret of War Virtually since the end of the endgame, but every time they get stronger, its presidentE Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, came to deny all this. For now, fans will have to wait.

Through: IGN



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