The sequel Assassin’s Creed is said to be set in the Aztec civilization


from Assassin’s Creed Released nearly two years ago, there hasn’t been much buzz surrounding the next installment of Assassin’s Creed. And now, rumors indicate that it will be set in Civilization aztecaAn idea that’s been made a little stronger thanks to the confirmation of famous video game industry leakers.

New report comes from famous YouTubers, Jeremy Penter, I know as well ACG, which has been a reported success along with other major releases in the past. The youngster shared a tweet in which he said that “its next game Assassin’s Creed will be from the aztecs“, though it doesn’t give more details about it, including release date or release.

This generated speculation that the test was through an official account Ubisoft Latam, who shared a fan art of a would-be killer with clothing inspired by this culture. Despite this, the games in the franchise were released without issue, leaving this fanart that is now returning to the industry.

It is worth mentioning Ubisoft They reported very early that there would be one event Where they will present new video games as well as some existing DLC. That could represent a possible scenario Assassin’s Creed Empire inspired aztecaBut for now these comments are just simple guesses.

Through: IGN


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