The Simpsons will parody a certain popular anime


Years and seasons pass Simpson These tend to be released year after year, something that has its pros and cons, as there are quite a few outstanding episodes and some others that fans don’t like. Despite everything, parodies are something that goes very well for the franchise and in their next season they will point to an anime that is quite popular in the world.

Specifically, the wave of chapter 34 will reveal that there is a collaboration with the Yellow Family Letters written before death, It was announced by the showrunner, Matt Sellmanin the middle Last date. Emphasizing that it will not be part of the main chapter, but a part of the classic House of Horrors.

Here is their statement:

I really think people will panic about this. We’re not trying to take on all anime, it’s an incredibly rich and diverse genre in itself… It’s just a favorite thing, this Death Note show.

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As for the season 34 premiere Simpsonwill be next September 25th medium Star Channel. And that too is expected to arrive Star Plus.

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