The Sony division in London is developing new games for the PS5




Currently not much is said about those who are developers play station inside LondonGiven that this part of the company is dedicated to creating exclusive video games VR, or directly serve as support for more teams. However, it looks like that is changing, as they are currently doing their own online multiplayer.

This is what he said Stuart WhiteStudy Co-Director:

We’re proud of the history and innovations we’ve made over the years, supporting all kinds of PlayStation technology, whether it’s virtual reality, augmented reality, microphones, or whatever.

With this project, we really wanted to explore new avenues and set ourselves new challenges. We definitely wanted to try something a little different, and I think this new game really channels our grit and pushes our ‘curious’ forward as well. It’s an exciting future, it really is.

Innovation will be at the core of everything we do. If you look at our heritage and the titles we’ve done, there are a lot of firsts And it will continue.

This is what the co-director commented, Tara Saunders, About what the game is about:

In our concept art you are looking for a version of a modern fantasy London. Our overall theme is to bring fantastical and magical elements and cross them with the familiar world, and there’s nothing more familiar to us than London.

The game is being developed soho engine, The London Study’s internal engine, which was built to make the most of it play station 5. Apparently, there is still some time to see a breakthrough in form.

Through: Gematsu

Editor’s Comment: It will certainly be interesting to see this group of developers create their own video games, as they have given us little experience so far.


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