The Steam Deck video contains references to emulation Atomics


up to date: Valve updated the video. now, Instead of seeing the Yuzu logo, you can see the Portal 2 icon.

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Valve recently shared a new trailer Steam Deck, to celebrate the fact that laptop manufacturing has improved, with it now possible to order and obtain a piece of this hardware more easily. However, fans turned their attention to something else, As in this video you see a reference to the Nintendo Switch emulator.

It’s no secret that Steam Deck is used by many people as a huge emulator, and one of the most popular programs in this category is Yuzu. Thus, Many were surprised when Yuzu’s logo appeared at 1:40 of this trailer. Their participation is minimal, you can miss their existence in the blink of an eye.

It seems that this was a mistake on the part of those responsible for this video, since Valve would never dare to promote imitations of Switch games on Steam. Let’s remember that Nintendo has a strong stance against imitation, and has waged legal battles against sites that promote it Whether this misunderstanding is resolved before the Big N calls in its lawyers remains to be seen.

This is not the first such incident., since a video was released not too long ago showing a Steam deck playing Switch games, which was dropped. Likewise, Valve warns of the dangers of playing with high temperatures.


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