The streamer is offering a $20,000 reward for completing Halo 2 without dying


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Streamer Charlie ‘Cr1tikal’ White has a challenge for you, hello Bhakta: All you have to do is win Halo 2 A fixed difficulty (without death) and it gives you $20,000. The thing is, it’s the custom difficulty that makes the game seem impossible.

above computer gamesThis difficulty level is known as “LASO” or Legendary All Skulls On, a set of fan-made conditions that not only defines the game in Legends, but also offers a set of modifiers set by the game’s skulls, such as giving more enemies more health to your clips or Low ammo.

It’s a brutal way to play the game. Here’s a Reddit thread A few years ago where one would brag about its finish Halo 2 LASO, but with the stipulation that “my death shall be measured in three numbers”. Cr1tikal Challenge isn’t even dying Once upon a time.

Describing it as his “Willy Wonka moment”, Cr1tikal initially offered a reward of $15,000, but has since raised it to $5,000 because of what he says is “the toughest challenge in all of gaming right now”. I don’t know about that, but it sure sounds harsh: in 18 years Halo 2 Release each player is They were able to prove that they completed the LASO Deathless Race (well, one did, but I’ll get to that). It’s hard to tell Cr1tikal after seeing people try to take his money in the last 3 weeks, “99%” of players couldn’t get past the first level of the game, and most of them – including himself – could. You can not even pass the first level, a couple of rooms.

bring my money

The rules are: The contest must be streamed live, either on Twitch or YouTube. Of course the game Halo 2 With the game’s 13 skulls turned on, Legend is at a disadvantage, but the ones known as “Jealousy” are overturned. off. This is because a player first claimed to have completed the LASO Race without dying, but he used this skull which replaces Master Chief’s flashlight with the ability to disappear using Active Disguise. It doesn’t make things difficult at all, so it seems perfectly fair to disable it given the challenge.

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