The Uncharted Collection became PlayStation’s worst release on PC




At this time sony It has been more open about publishing video games on its platform play station inside pcand release like Spider-Man, Sackboy, Days Gone, God of War, Others have shown it. And although its rebirth is positive, it seems that the collection unpublished The one that arrived a couple of weeks ago didn’t have the best reception.

Independent data tracker SteamDB Suggests that the collection drew a peak player count of 10,851 last weekend, significantly lower than other games. pc own play station. This hasn’t happened in any of the previous releases, so it’s a bit of a concern.


to compare, Horizon Zero Dawn debut in steam With a peak of around 56,000 players, y Spider-Man attracted about 66,000 people. God of War reached an even higher peak of around 73,000 players and The day is gone It drew around 27,000 in its launch weekend.

It is worth mentioning Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Coming out at a tough time to compete, as games fall by the wayside, such as important releases of the month. Gotham Knights, Mario + Rabbids 2, Among others. And as for the sister games, they were released at a quiet time that wasn’t interrupted by more titles.

Through: VGC


Editor’s Comment: It certainly hasn’t been a good time for Nathan Drake, hopefully Miles Morales will have more opportunities to shine soon with the next games.


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