The update fixes Google Pay issues with Pixel 7 (Pro) Face Unlock



Contactless payments have been a minor issue with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro if Face Unlock is also enabled. If the smartphone is unlocked only with Face Unlock, it is not authorized for Google Pay. This caused frustration in tills as payments were rejected.

Pixel Face Unlock is not officially secure enough for payments and banking. It requires a fingerprint sensor for true biometric verification. But as already mentioned, the terminals canceled the payment process if the smartphones were unlocked only with face unlock.

Google system updates bring improvements

An update likely fixes the operating flaw that Google brought to new devices from the factory. Google made the correction in the latest version of System Update: “Wallet access from the lock screen is redirected to the Google Wallet home screen on Pixel 7 (Pro).”

Let’s see how this affects daily use and whether the operating sequence is now more logical.

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