“The worst mobile in history is…”: The world’s largest Android community picks its (not) favorites


Over on Reddit they did a survey on the worst Android mobiles launched to date and these are the results, with surprises.

Reddit, the world’s largest Android community, cares Collect the worst Android phones in history in a thread Most interesting. How? Ask the users themselves, who have been able to share their opinions and discuss the failure of the catastrophic purchase of these terminals Although among the answers we find several thousand different models, Some of them are repeated with some frequency.

The results are clear and among them we find models from manufacturers such as Google and Samsung. Attention, because among the worst mobile phones in history Some were released years agoBut also Others who come to us this year 2022. Let’s take a look at the worst Android smartphones they’ve tested so far, according to Reddit users.

The worst Android phone according to Reddit users

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On Reddit they’ve picked the worst Android phones ever released.

ObserverAtLarge is a Reddit user who created a thread in late August for users to share the worst Android phones they’ve ever used. this time, The thread received over 500 comments With smartphones from all the manufacturers you can imagine: Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC… However, the creator of the thread has taken it upon himself to update the first post with the most repeated mobiles, that is, those who are hated the most.

One of them is the Galaxy NexusA collaboration between Google and Samsung that launched in the market in 2011. According to some users, The main failure of this terminal was autonomy, because its battery seemed awfully small. Nor do they speak very highly of other aspects, viz GPS operation. Looking at the comments, we should also mention that some miss the useful features found in the Galaxy Nexus software.

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Among the worst phones in history, according to Reddit users There’s also HTC Thunderbolt. Again, the main weak point of this smartphone was the battery, which Requires support for up to two external batteries At the end of the day, of course, as was the case with the Galaxy Nexus, many blame it on the high cost of LTE connectivity.

A la Blackberry StormReleased in 2008, received not very good reviews from users, with some hints Your screen quality is poor. The Samsung Galaxy S5 also got a lot of comments which, according to one user, was slow from the start, but Its operation has become slower With each update. Additionally, it seems that the battery life was also not very satisfactory.

Also mentioned among the worst phones in history Any Samsung mobile with Exynos processor, that is, those made by Samsung itself; And in general any smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, a chip with serious heating problems.

Next to the Black Pixel 6 is the White Pixel 6 Pro.

Google Pixel 6 is one of the worst phones in history, according to Reddit/Christian Collado.

Finally, and as a great surprise, there is among the most mentioned mobiles All belong to the Google Pixel 6 series. According to users, most of the modern Google mobiles have common problems like this Defects in the fingerprint reader, poor connection to the network and a battery Which quickly evaporates when connected to 5G networks.

This isn’t the first time Reddit has debated this topic, last year they also questioned which was the worst Android phone in history. usually, Results depend on each user’s experienceSo you may not agree with the bad reviews posted by Reddit users.

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