The YouTuber confirmed that Silent Hill and Metal Gear invented the rumours


Within the current video game industry, there is a name that is heard the most internal You mean, it was TheRealInsider, who had been publishing reports for months. Some of which were quite successful and others not so much, and this led some users to discover his identity, concluding that he was a YouTuber.

It is neither more nor less Dan Allen Gaming, who shared the information that companies gave him an advance because of his level of influence, but he did so under the guise of his alter ego. And now that he’s been discovered, it’s not known what will happen to the companies that told him to keep certain information completely secret.

He also commented that there were some statements that were false, related to the alleged remake silent hill y metal gear solid, which was entirely invented by the youth. However, since he had already been right on so many occasions, both media and fans immediately rushed to share this information with the entire world.

There is even a video of his apology, you can watch it here:

Here is one of the most important comments from the video:

I have lost friends in the industry, I have lost personal relationships, business, opportunities, all for 5 seconds of fame and I take full responsibility. As much hate as I got on Twitter, I had to delete it because I didn’t experience that much, I had to get away from it because it’s just, you know, mentally not nice to see all these things about you exposed.

Through: Dan Allen Gaming


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