There is a strange secret behind the success of Nintendo Switch



We’ve discovered an amazing thing. Clearly, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a trivial detail. Let’s see what the mystery is

The Nintendo Switch is one of those consoles that, at last, is collecting one Not a trivial success. For the moment, in fact, it seems to be there The third best-selling console. A result that seems set for further improvement. Since its launch, until March 31, 2022, this console has sold well 107 million units.

The Strange Mystery Behind the Success of the Nintendo Switch
Strange Mystery Behind Nintendo Switch Success (Source Nintendo)

Preceded only by PlayStation 4 con 116.6 million pieces Sold and by PlayStation 2 con 155 million pieces. Instead if we refer to the fiscal year 2022, we can say that only less than 24 million switch consoles have been sold. It’s an achievement that has all the cards needed to overtake the famous PS4 in a big way You are that one A large part of the company has recently passed into the hands of a sheikh?

Nintendo Switch and unimaginable privacy

Also, from the company, we got to see New technology that has been designed. It is a console that is born only later We will He failed miserably. But what was Secret Which is the most sought after console? One point of course for the Nintendo Switch is that it plays Portability. In fact, we are all aware of the fact that, more and more, gamers like to have fun on mobile devices. This is a feature present in the switch, a product that moves in two directions or so Fixed So what Mobile phone. But if the Nintendo home console was so popular, the credit goes to those who already have one.

The Strange Mystery Behind the Success of the Nintendo Switch
Strange Mystery Behind Nintendo Switch Success (Source Nintendo)

Actually 25% players They bought multiple, to keep for themselves or to give as a gift. “Sales figures for the last fiscal year show that about 25% of total hardware sales were made by existing Nintendo Switch owners. About 30% of the switch lights sold are a recurring purchase (request for an additional console outside of the first one) and 40% of the switch OLEDs are a recurring purchase or replacement. “. That’s it President Furukawa They just outline this detail.

He added that, according to his prospectus, 2022 would still be saved Lots of surprises Thus bring the switch as well The best-selling console. It also looks like the company is already thinking about the future, to the point of working on an upcoming console.


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