There is nothing mobile phone in the first video now


At Nothing, we’ve been experiencing exactly what we’ve learned from OnePlus over the years. Still young brands draw attention to themselves. These include a limited sale, sometimes an unusual device design and of course a constant number of small “leaks”. For the latest content, a device was sent to YouTuber, the most well-known technology.

And before that nothing phone (1) was allowed to show. Again, it’s all about the back, because that’s the only way that nothing can be different from the rest. The rest just looks like a smartphone, the housing frame is very reminiscent of an iPhone. What no other device of this type has been able to do so far is this wide range of lighting on the back with hundreds of LEDs.

Glyph Interface: Nothing the designer really had in LEDs

Nothing features these LEDs for different functions. For such notifications. These LEDs also light up when the USB-C cable is connected or when your headphones are charged wirelessly. In fact, the range of LEDs for the USB port can even indicate how far the device has been charged.

Nothing matched the light animation with the exclusive ringtone. There is a red LED for camera recording, all lamps can act as camera lights at the same time, there is feedback for Google Assistant and much more.

Of course there are a few more great features that we don’t know about yet. But we have to wait and see how Nothing Phone (1) performs in terms of system performance, camera quality, battery life and other things. Only then can it be said that the first Nothing cell phone is better or another hype product.

Nothing is launching its first Android smartphone next July and it will be offered exclusively on German Telecom.

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