There will be more than one Dr. Vegapunk in one piece



the vega

currently a piece Country is working on one of its final arcs, finishing the story here, where more of the lore and character ties are addressed. But undoubtedly, what attracted the most attention was its revelation Dr. VegapunkA scientist who talks a lot in the franchise but never shows his face.

He introduced himself in the previous chapter of the manga Dr. Vegapunk, the surprise is that it’s very different from what fans imagined, and includes how the scientist has been presented in the past. Now, it’s revealed that the reason he seems so different is because he’s not really “her”. Dr. Vegapunk. Scientists are working with six satellites.

chapter 1062 of a piece Continued immediately afterwards Dr. Vegapunk (who is really called Lilith) threatens to finish off the crew, but is interrupted by someone named “vegetables”, who have an interest in the crew. Turns out, it’s different Dr. Vegapunk and at the same time, the jump And the others meet the third Vegapunk on the other side of the island.”Atlas” However all three call themselves, it turns out that all three are right, because they are branches of the main scientist.

Its members CP0 Explain that it actually has six satellite versions Dr. Vegapunk In total, the scientist was so busy that he had to divide it into six versions. This means they have to defeat them or somehow sympathize with them to find the real one. And like pacifists learn about the source behind their creation.

For now, the manga chapters continue their course.

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