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When we talk about a remake, it’s not only important that a game has the same experience we remember from the past, but also the years that pass between the original release and a new version. This is a dilemma that EA Motive faced when creating the remake dead space. luckily, We had a chance to speak with the development team about this.

We recently had the chance to speak with EA Motive representatives about the remake dead space. One of the biggest innovations of this title is the various secondary missions that we find throughout the ship. These not only extend the length of the title, but add narrative elements that take the sequels into account. and additional content from other media.

Here’s what the developers had to say about these side quests:

“It’s a whole new element for the remake that we added to add more story, we had the opportunity to make the story thicker. With Dead Space 2 and 3, as well as the novels, we had more material that we could use. It gives the player more reason to explore and find out what happened on the ship.”

How difficult was it to implement them? What was your biggest inspiration?

“From a gameplay standpoint, we used a lot of elements from Dead Space 2 that the team added and enhanced. From a storytelling standpoint, it definitely has its challenges when you’re trying to add more depth to a game, but at the same time, we The creative director and writer looked at all the books there, read all the information about Dead Space. For us it was, how do we connect the dots in Dead Space and try to add more to the story that’s unfolding on the ship, why Nicole is on the ship, what she is. doing. That information wasn’t in the original game and some we added in the remake.”

How much play time do they add?

“It goes beyond additional content. The fact that we’re adding a fully explorable ship from start to finish, you get access keys that lure you back to different areas. There are also improvements to those rooms, adding a few hours to the narrative, but the possibility of crossing the ship more and more

its remake dead space It’s PS5, Xbox Series X | S and will arrive on PC on January 27, 2023. On a related note, you can preview our game here. Likewise, the developers don’t reveal why they made a remake and not a new game.


Editor’s note:

Undoubtedly, these additional missions are made for all fans, and those who did not have the opportunity to enjoy the original title will be exposed to a huge world. We’ll just have to see how accessible the rest of the series will be.

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