There’s still hope for PS3 emulation on PS5


Something that may be unbelievable to many, is video games Playstation 3 Cannot run natively on newer consoles sony, achieved only through cloud services. And although many users have already given up, it could be that they are already working on a way to bring back the classic words this time

A new job ad, reported by play station lifestyle After meeting reset, Strongly suggests that the company is trying to hire an engineer to fix its simulation PS3. Added to this are rumors that both discs and other peripherals will somehow work on the console.

That’s what the new announcement says LinkedIn of play station:

Our Software Development Engineer position works on the PlayStation Studios Technology and Tools team to support the recently re-released “Classics” for PS4 and PS5. Classic games run through emulation of the legacy PlayStation platform. As a Classic Engineer, you will work closely with other engineers, producers and the QA team to fix bugs, add new features and develop new emulators.

The term emulator development is important in terms of location, as it can refer to creating games that run natively on the latest devices. play station. And it’s not just engagement PS3from Note life Such developments seem to be involved, bringing some lost games back to life unpublished good morning

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