These are the 3 latest updates for Google Pixel


A lot has been happening in the past few days. Google has also pushed several system updates for its Pixel phones. We will tell you what is behind it.

Android 13 is almost ready: the last beta is out now

Right now only a few users will be using Android 13, but that will change very soon. Android 13 has been released as beta 4 these days. According to Google, it’s already the last beta version and the final update to Android 13 is just “a few weeks” away. Android 13 will likely be released in mid-summer, then also as a system update for eligible Pixel models from the Pixel 4 and 4 XL.

The July update has been less exciting this time around

The July security patch is a new update that was previously available to install on all eligible Pixel phones. This time, however, it’s very thin and only comes with the unspecified “VoLTE calling feature” on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Otherwise, the update must close other security gaps. No other new features and no bug fixes.

Google system updates are massive and launch Google Wallet

Later than usual, Google released the new Google System Update. This is said to be multiple updates through various channels. This includes Google Play Services and Google Play Store. Google thus implements new branding for Google Pay, for example. The app will soon be called Google Wallet again. Another reboot for payment apps.

Google Wallet should look like:

As per the details released by Google, the latest Google system updates are rolling out from July 11 But it may take some time for these updates to actually reach all Pixel users. At the time of writing, nothing has happened to me on a total of three Pixel devices.

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