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its filtration Grand Theft Auto VI It has become one of the most infamous moments in the video game industry in recent years. Although it seems that everything has already been discussed with this matter, it remains to be seen what happens within Rockstar after this security breach. Thus, Some anonymous developers have given their views on the consequences of this data leak.

Recently, 3DJuegos interviewed several developers in Europe, who remain anonymous, to talk about the consequences of this leak on Rockstar. It was mentioned at the outset that NDAs, confidentiality agreements, and remote security procedures can be tightened:

“It’s impossible to avoid possible leaks… For this, checking emails, searching people before they leave and all this is focused on people’s liberties.

In my experience, the PCs I work on are controlled, you can’t install programs you don’t approve of, there’s all kinds of antivirus, there’s like a program that tracks the website you visit when you open a link… it’s all Pretty covered, but of course, leaks can always happen if the employee, I don’t know, if he starts recording the screen with a phone or copying small files from here to there”.

However, that is one of the worst cases that can happen The leaked source code is copyrighted by someone outside of Rockstar, and the company no longer has the opportunity to use the tools it came to create What was said about it was:

“Imagine that the source code ends up in other games. Imagine that these games have been patented before, since software can be patented in the US, and they start suing Rockstar for their own source code. This is something that can sound very ridiculous. , but it has already happened.

While everything is speculation, the best scenario at the moment is that the situation remains an anecdote, people forget about it, and Rockstar releases its super trailer and confirms what we already know: the one that leaked will be compared and confirmed. has been That everything looks so much better, because I assure you that everything will look so much better. Worst case scenario? There are consequences that affect the development, which implies delays and disappointments on the part of the user, which implies a storm in social networks, which implies a change in the direction of the game or the creative process, which implies changes in the commercialization process of the project, which implies unimaginable consequences, which is worse and later comes out.”

At the end of the day, it’s clear that this leak doesn’t have a single benefit for the player, but especially for Rockstar. While at first glance it may seem like it won’t have a big impact, especially considering the company’s statement, Anonymous developers mentioned that this affects the company:

“There will be frustration, hardship and sometimes dismissal at Rockstar. Thing is, your confidentiality agreement means you can’t disclose anything other than through official channels. It’s not just about ensuring that marketing takes control of communications, it’s a very serious matter that can blow up in your face. If you have a very clear vision for the game and you put in half-finished images, people judge them as final elements. This can have a very negative impact on a commercial product with billions invested. A man may have two fingers on his forehead, but not a mass. Everything is magnified and it can be a very serious mistake.”

for now, Rockstar has indicated that the leak will not affect its development GTA VI. However, nothing assures us that the statements are intrinsically different. NDA prevents workers from talking about it. We can only wait and see how this situation develops. On a related note, various developers have revealed what their games looked like before we got our hands on them. Likewise, the FBI is already investigating the case.


Editor’s note:

for GTA VI This is a pretty interesting one. Not for nothing is it the biggest leak in the industry since then Our last part II. Although Rockstar’s statement is likely to be true and the leak has no developmental consequences, there is still a possibility that the way the company operates will change significantly.

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