These are the most durable mobile brands



A survey of green smartphones reveals which mobile phone manufacturers are most committed to respecting the environment.

These are the most durable mobile brands

Technological product manufacturers are growing More committed to taking care of the environment. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are made of 90% recycled materials. This also applies to the production of mobile phones, although this remains a particularly environmentally damaging process. It is produced due to pollution.

Not all manufacturers are equally committed to respecting the environment, as is well shown A new study of green smartphones. This website, specializing in durability in the world of telephones, has investigated What is the most sustainable brand? Current market. Some companies have that They come out of good stops like Apple and GoogleAlthough the results also show that there is Others who care very little continue By ecosystem, like Xiaomi.

Apple and Google, among the most durable mobile brands

Android 12 and Pixel 6

Google is one of the most sustainable brands in the market / Image: Christian Collado.

on his mission Achieving a more respectful technological world With the environment, those responsible for green smartphones wanted to conduct a research to discover the most sustainable mobile brands For this they study such information Greenhouse gas emissionsReduction of plastic packaging, zero pollution plan, carbon neutrality or 100% renewable electricity usage.

When analyzing the results, we must remember that green smartphones only coped Brands that sell at least one million mobile phones annually. Thus, researchers focus on the most relevant manufacturers, Except more durable ones like the Fairphone.

Fairphone 4 5G, presentation

The back of the Fairphone 4 is made of recycled plastic.

Taking all these facts into consideration, the research reveals that Apple is the most durable mobile brand Currently an American company Managed to reduce emissions by 9.96% greenhouse gas compared to last year In addition, it uses 100% renewable electricity, achieved carbon neutrality and last year A total of 18 million devices are recycledIncluding computers and iPads.

Apple also ranked first in sustainability for its commitments to the future. Set goals Achieve zero pollution by 2030, completely eliminate the use of plastic in its packages by 2025 and use 100% recycled materials (no set date). All these aspects are provided by Apple A score of 9Thus becoming the most sustainable company according to Green Smartphone Research.

These are the most durable mobile brands

Apple is the most durable mobile brand.

is in second position Google, which has already achieved carbon neutrality and zero pollution. Also, 100% of the aluminum used in the Google Pixel is recycled, along with recycled plastic. Company plans Eliminate 100% use of plastic by 2025 And it also has a recycling plan for its devices Despite increasing greenhouse gas emissions by 16.49%, Google obtained A score of 7.

The top 5 is completed with Sony, Samsung and Vivo, with some information in their analysis that draws our attention. For example, it is interesting that None of the three have yet achieved carbon neutralityAlthough Sony plans to have it by 2030. Furthermore, it is also interesting to see how. Vivo has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 19% In just one year.

The back of the Xiaomi 12 is purple.

Xiaomi is the most important manufacturer that cares less about sustainability / Image: Christian Collado

This research is carried out by the negative part Xiaomi, which is the least sustainable company All analyzed by green smartphone. According to the results, the Chinese company Greenhouse gas emissions increased by 8.27% From the year 2021. It is neither carbon neutral nor plans to reach zero pollution. Also, Does not use 100% renewable electricity Nor does it use recycled materials when manufacturing its products.

The positive thing is that Xiaomi has reduced the use of plastic in its packaging by 60% since 2019 and this You have plans to recycle your old device. In total, the firm only achieved a score of 1, placing it as the company that cares least about caring for the environment. It certainly seems so Companies like Xiaomi, Motorola and Alcatel still have a lot to improve on sustainability issues.


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