These are the PC games releasing in February and March



A Hellish Quart screenshot.

A screenshot from upcoming sword fighting game Hellish Quart. (Image credit: Kubold)

As Evan pointed out the other day, PC gaming has been a little quiet here at the start 2021. While the year’s engine warms up, I’ve been tooling around in our GOTY from last year, Death Stranding, and waiting for whichever Cyberpunk 2077 update people tell me fixes enough stuff that I should give it a go. (I did check out one new game recently, The Medium, and it’s cool, but perhaps not my style.)

Over the next couple months, things are going to speed up a little. I’m very interested in Valheim. The Viking theme isn’t super exciting to me, but I do very much want to build longships with my friends. Nuts, a game about squirrels, is a must for me as a squirrel enthusiast (I was very sad last year when a ground squirrel moved out of a hole in my back yard). Hellish Quart (pictured above) also caught my eye as a Bushido Blade fan, and further along in March, Yakuza 6 and Evil Genius 2 are standouts.


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