These changes come with the new Splatoon 3 update


from Splatoon 3 was released, many of its users didn’t stop playing to be the best in the competitive arena, just because the game didn’t have the best stability. Given this, Nintendo Feedback is taken into account, as its updates are on track to deal with cheaters

The Japanese company mentions via their website that the latter September 29th Version 1.1.2 is coming, with fixes that video game fans will love.

The question focuses on three points: the first is to make amends for those who have not received sea snails after their distribution. Splatfest. The second is stability with the network, since users often experience many failures. Finally, it wants to eliminate players who use out-of-the-blue exploits to win games.

Here is his full report:

Changes in communication

Additional measures have been taken to address communication errors that frequently occur at the end of a Salmon Run battle or turn, depending on the network environment.

Changes to player controls

Fixed an issue that occurred when using Duelis: if you held down the ZL button and performed a dodge roll while holding the ZR button, it would stop firing and change to squid/octopus the moment the dodge roll ended.

Fixed an issue that occurred when using the Drop Roller ability: if you press the ZR button while holding the ZL button while rolling, you’ll go into your squid/octopus form the moment the roll ends, even if you’re holding the button. ZR button.

Fixed an issue that occurred when using Splatana: if you performed a horizontal slash immediately after a loading bar, it performed two horizontal slashes instead of one even though you only pressed the ZR button once.

War changes

Fixed an issue where the protective shield provided by Booyah Bombs made players immune to damage for a period of time after being destroyed.

Implemented countermeasures to fix an issue affecting tacticals: if a tactical is placed in a certain map corner and players change from their squid/octopus form to their human form right next to it, they can reach it. enclosed area.

other changes

Fixes an issue that caused the game to crash when exiting locker customization with a photo frame in your locker

Fixes an issue affecting catalogs: if there is a communication error or the game crashes, when your catalog reaches level 100 and the next catalog is available on Hotlantis, the catalog in which you can claim the event will not be reactivated.

If you are already facing that issue, visit Hotlantis after downloading the update to claim your new catalog.

If you participated in the first Splatfest and saw the final results announcement but did not receive your Super Sea Snails, the final results announcement will resume and you can claim your prize.

Remember that splatoon 3 Available only for Nintendo Switch.

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