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Iris and leg scanners for virtual reality headsets

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According to a new report, Apple’s augmented and virtual reality headset will get some sensors that competitors like the Meta Quest Pro lack. These include an iris scanner and foot detection camera for user identification.

In a presentation on Metaverse, Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg was recently impressed with authentic foot movements. Had to admit laterThat they were already created by motion capturing and not by calculations in VR glasses. Many observers were surprised to see flexible and slightly too successful feet in virtual reality.

Apple’s VR glasses also record foot movements

With this presentation, they simply wanted to show what was possible one day, Meta later said. But coming out this October Quest Pro The headset doesn’t count among its ten cameras for capturing foot movements. According to a new report, Apple will have the edge here.

The Quest Pro shown here uses 10 cameras, but none for foot detection (source: Meta)

the whole 14 cameras that should The so far unnamed Apple headset whose use Aiming at both feet Either their position should be augmented and include body representation in virtual reality applications and floating upper bodies should be a thing of the past. one more irisscanner First used by Apple. It helps to identify different users Registration process or payment to approve

Since neither the name nor the look is known yet, there is still a lot of speculation about the possible design of Apple Glasses. According to reports The device is similar to ski goggles And lighter and flatter than the Quest Pro.

The Apple headset is not scheduled to hit the market until 2023 and should actually be presented in June 2022. Due to technical issues, however, the original release date has already been pushed back to this year.


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