These games were presented at the Xbox event dedicated to indies


Today is a new one id xbox fall showcase, The event featured many independent games that will be coming to the platform in a very short period of time Microsoft. The best thing is that many of them will arrive soon on time game passEither through the console or also in the dedicated version pc.

In particular, 15 game announcements were published that promise to shine in the independent field, so some of them already have fans, and even make corresponding reservations.

Here is the list with titles presented:

Amazing farming simulator – Now available on Game Pass

The Big Con – Will be released on Game Pass

The birth of bread – No confirmed date

call of the wild: Angler – It is available now

Cities Skylines: Plazas and Promenades – It is already available

Evil – Coming soon to Game Pass

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – will arrive on October 18

Homestead Arcana – Coming soon to Game Pass

Let’s cook together 2 – Coming in Fall 2023

Metal: Hellsinger – Coming to Game Pass tomorrow

Munskars – Launches September 27 on Game Pass

Rainbow Billy – Coming soon to Game Pass

Shoulders of giants – Launching Autumn 2022

– Song of Iron 2 – Arrives in 2023

Spiderhack – will arrive on September 22, 2022

Turnip boy robs a bank – It will arrive in Game Pass in 2023

Walheim – Launches September 29 on Game Pass

The Walking Dead – Coming to Game Pass

brooded – It is available now

You suck in the parking lot – It’s already in Game Pass

Note that more announcements will follow Xbox the time Tokyo Game Show 2022So you have to be careful.

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