These impressive Final Fantasy 14 decorators use glitches to make your house a home



Getting into housing

A Final Fantasy 14 house

(Image credit: Square Enix)

If you fancy getting into the Eorzean housing market yourself, take a gander at our Final Fantasy 14 housing guide to learn the basics. 

Being a homeowner in Eorzea can be a privilege—especially with a housing market this brutal—and if you’re lucky enough to have your own patch of land, you’re going to want it to look as good as possible. Where Final Fantasy 14’s decoration options may seem lacklustre, home designers are on call to teach you some tricks of the trade.

Using a mix of glitches and design know-how, Final Fantasy 14’s housing specialists create homes that look and feel cosy, inviting, and liveable, giving the residents somewhere they can look forward to hanging out in for years to come. A small but growing collective, these enthusiasts are turning housing into an elaborate science.

“With the glitching, whenever we get a new item in a patch, we get so excited to lift it up, to sink it down, to turn it around,” Ashen Bride, an FF14 housing designer and co-host of the HGXIV podcast, tells me. “We’ll take the tiniest edge of something, like the back of a bench, and we’ll get so excited, like ‘OK, this going to be a window shutter now.’ It’s like a weird Tetris.”

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Ashen had been playing Final Fantasy 14 for several years before getting her first house during 2017’s Stormblood expansion, and she became enamoured by the design possibilities. Searching online for inspiration, she eventually found her way to Tumblr, where she was introduced to the rudimentary floating glitches. In the nascent housing community, then only a few English-speaking players amid the much larger Japanese contingent, she met Dividus Yliaster, and the pair began experimenting and sharing ideas.


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