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(Pocket-Lint) – There was a time when Microsoft was thinking of killing MS Paint’s legendary software for their new 3D version. To pay tribute to the great bit of kit that has been around for decades, we are looking for the best works of art made with spray cans and splashes.

During our hunting, we came across work Pat Hynes AKA Captain Redblood. A great artist who uses MS Paint to create some real masterpieces. Hynes has been working with Microsoft’s Paint program for over 10 years. He says his passion developed from ordinary doodles with a mouse while working overnight so many years ago.

Since then his skills and talents have grown somewhat and he has gone through a variety of styles that have covered everything from movie posters to comic book covers.

Pat HynesIncredible MS Paint Illustration Image 3


A typical portrait of a young boy (son of a friend of Hines) shows the amazing power of MS paint and the level of detail that is possible if you have steady hands and keen eyesight.

Pat HynesIncredible MS Paint Illustration Image 9

Zero G Slodance

This image was created at a time when Hynes was feeling like working on something more abstract.

Here the aura of the stars in the night sky is also carefully captured with detailed levels which are not usually seen in MS paint.

Pat HynesIncredible MS Paint Figure 12

The forces are awake

Hynes submitted this painting “Art awake“Fan Art Contest. Here Hynes is inspired by a work of artwork like a Star Wars poster. Drew Strujan.

Like all the works shown here, there is an impressive amount of detail considering the tools used to create the artwork.

Pat HynesFigure 15 of Incredible MS Paint

David and Casey

A hand-painted portrait of a couple on their wedding day This image took more than two weeks to complete, and it took at least two hours a day to add color to each pixel square to create the finished work.

We bet you never saw that picture on someone’s wedding album.

Pat HynesIncredible MS Paint Illustration Image 17

Camp Redblood and Essential Revenge

Another comic book cover from Hines’ comics collection. This is from the special edition of “Camp Redblood and The Essential Revenge“A book full of monsters and inadequate heroes on a summer adventure.

Pat HynesIncredible MS Paint Illustration Image 19

The living spider

The worst nightmare of any arachnophob is a loose spider while driving.

We were impressed by the blurring effect in the background to highlight the speed of the chased car.

Pat HynesIncredible MS Paint Illustration Image 20

Bill Gates in MS Paint

Microsoft legend Bill Gates is incredibly represented by the most well-known paint program created by him and his team.

An endless introduction by Bill Gates makes for a scene we never thought we would want to see created in such an intriguing way.

Pat HynesIncredible MS Paint Illustration Image 8

Godrex hollow

A scene from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This painting is one of the only images of Hynes that some Photoshop tweaks have used (he used it to italicize text on graves) but otherwise made with pixel-by-pixel labor in MS Paint.

Pat HynesIncredible MS Paint Figure 4

My way

An intricate street painting where Hines grew up in West Roxbury, Boston. We were fascinated by the light and the color of this piece.

Pat HynesIncredible MS Paint Illustration Image 2

Red shirt

Entitled “The Red Shirt,” this work is a re-enactment of Heinz’s childhood. The Boston Youth Cleanup Corps was known for their bright red shirts and hard work on the streets of Boston.

The complexity and level of detail of this figure is incredible and shows what Heine has to have a steady hand key. The color of the butterfly, the registration on the number plate of the car and the teenagers who suddenly smoke.

Pat HynesIncredible MS Paint Figure 10

Red Trail

The Camp Red Blood group is trapped in a terrible danger over a very blue waterfall. Hynes works with a variety of colors and demonstrates an efficient ability in any color.

Pat HynesIncredible MS Paint Figure 11

Camp Redblood and Essential Revenge SE cover

An illustration from Hynes’s comic book depicts a number of characters with incredible detail, ranging from grass and cracked slabs under their feet. It took Hines hours to complete such work but the intricate details show an impressive dedication.

Pat HynesIncredible MS Paint Illustration Image 13

Ferris Bueller Joyride

A hand-painted scene from the Ferris Bueller Day Off where a red Ferrari jumps into the air at 100mph. One of Hines’ favorite movies, and one of the iconic scenes, has been brilliantly recreated in MS Paint.

Fantasy team up

The painting represents Heinz’s ultimate fantasy team, combining forces to fight Hellboy’s Professor Brutenhome, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter’s Albus Dumbledore against the evil Nazi and magician Grindelwald.

This scene reminds us of a Nazi castle full of Wolfenstein 3D and villains with pixelated graphics.

Rostack Tunnel

Another frame from Hines’ comic book “Camp Redblood and the Essential Revenge” shows that the party is heading for a terrible tunnel of death.

Here Hines MS shows the ability to create a fog effect in paint. Perhaps the software is more powerful than any of us realize.

Lieutenant Dan vs. Almighty

Inspired by Forrest Gump, the film depicts Lieutenant Dan battling a mighty sea. We’re affected by the detail layer of spray coming from the waves.

Comic book cover

As well as being a whistleblower in MS Paint, Hines is also an ace in designing comic book covers.

Mad Eye vs. Voldemort

Taking some artistic license, which is only fair when you are so talented, Hines based this film on a paragraph from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He included characters that shouldn’t have been there but added a new twist to the story that didn’t exist before.

Camp Eagle in MS Paint

Another scene from “Camp Redblood and the Essential Revenge” is a detailed illustration of Heinz’s comic book and shows how hard he worked on each of his works.

Silver Dr.

Another scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows captures the bright light of Dow.

Marv vs. The Spider

A classic scene from Home Alone has been recreated in MS Paint. It shows the moment that Kevin McCallister dropped a tarantula on Marve’s face.

What we do like, though, is the level of detail in the image and the highness for detail.

Writes Adrian Willings.


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