They arrested the young man who entered The Game Awards Atomics



young man

We’re all celebrating the Game of the Year award The Elder Ring At the Game Awards, an unexpected event occurred. After Hidetaka Miyazaki finished his acceptance speech, A young man appeared on the main stage to deliver a confusing message. As a result, the person was arrested.

For those who didn’t watch the show live, A young man took the stage right after Hidetaka Miyazaki and issued the following message:

“I would like to nominate this award to my Reform Orthodox rabbi, Bill Clinton.”

What does this message mean? Well, no one is sure. According to A user on Twitter, the young man had already planned to carry this obstacle. after a while, Geoff Keighley, organizer of The Game Awards, confirmed the man had been arrested.

Right now the reason behind the details, the real meaning of this message, and Consequences that person will face. On a related note, you can meet all of the event’s winners here.


Editor’s note:

For a moment, focus The Elder Ring It was stolen by this young man. This is an extremely rare moment that will definitely not be repeated in the future. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten what a great honor the work of Elden Ring received during this event.

By: Geoff Keighley


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