They claim that God of War Ragnarok leaks may emerge soon


Something pretty powerful happened within the video game industry last week, as leaks were revealed and no less Our last part I, One of the star titles for play station This year. This has led business experts to put their opinion on the table, assuring that the company has a security problem.

This is led by itself Nick BakerInformants and members The Xbox eraComment that there may be more information that slips out of hand sony So that the world can know about other game content, Ragnarok is the god of war. Precisely this title is the grand launch AAA The brand that many fans are waiting for.

Aligned with the moderator’s statement from this GamingLicksandRumours, Therabidscott. He leaked by talking to a source Our last part Imade the following comments:

From what we’ve been told, this isn’t springing from just one source, but numerous, and it also seems that Ragnarok is likely as well.

They also hinted that people are planning to leak Ragnarok, so I don’t see it going away overnight.

For now this all remains a common rumour, but given the history that is sony Leaked with its intellectual properties, it should come as no surprise Ragnarok is the god of war Get this kind of treatment. If it were to happen, it would be a month before it was officially launched.

Remember that the game will come 9 November A PS4 y PS5.

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