They compared God of War (2018) and Ragnarok to see the changes beyond the graphics




Ragnarok is the god of war Its platform launch is just two days away play station, which is why fans already want to know for themselves what has changed compared to the previous game. And now that the media already has their review copy, some have taken it upon themselves to prepare a hand-to-hand comparison.

Who is responsible for uploading content is known as channel Bit analyzer, which usually shows performance videos of certain games. And here he shows us footage of the final version of the first video game pc ongoing UltraMeanwhile, our sequel is running natively PS5.

Here’s the video:

Aside from the obvious graphic changes, it also appears that the combat is more than improved, adding puzzle resolution to the adventure. For its part, the ax has a little more logic in its physics, since it can break branches when it collides with them, and sinks for a short time when it is thrown into the snow.

The best part is that the video doesn’t contain any spoilers, so watching it once shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Remember that Ragnarok is the god of war is turned on 9 November for PS4 y PS5.

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Publisher’s Note: Without a doubt, Santa Monica managed to highlight the most hidden aspects of the PlayStation 4, so this is probably the AAA game we will see for the rest of this console’s life.


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